Knowledge Management

Some Definitions:

  • Knowledge Management is … knowledge creation, which is followed by knowledge interpretation, knowledge dissemination and use, and knowledge retention and refinement’   (De Jarnett, 1996)
  • “Knowledge Management is the process of critically managing knowledge to meet existing needs, to identify and exploit existing and acquired knowledge assets and to develop new opportunities.”   (Quintas et al., 1997)
  • “Knowledge is now being applied to knowledge.  This is the third and perhaps the ultimate step in the transformation of knowledge.  Supplying knowledge to find out how existing knowledge can best be applied to produce results is, in effect, what we mean by Management.”  (Drucker, 1993)

The L'Earning Lemniscate Definition:

  • Knowledge Management is the process of creating and keeping a L'Earning Lemniscate which fulfills the ambition of the organisation and the members of the related communities of practice. It enforces, empowers and supports a well performing Lemniscate.

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