The Model

The L'Earning Lemniscate is a process model to enable the development of organizational capabilities and its linked communities of practice in order to add value to the individual and the organization. This process – if well directed and cultivated – is perpetual.

The L'Earning Lemniscate consist of five parts:

  1. The left flying wheel (Capability) in which individual and collective capabilities are developed in an organizational frame of mind; driven by the ambitions of the organization.
  2. The right flying wheel (Community) in which communities of practice are socially constructed by sharing and caring members; driven by the personal ambitions.
  3. The center (Mandated Linking Mechanism) in which capabilities and communities are linked; having the mandate of both flying wheels. The center is the intersection point for the lemniscate part in which (example given) ideas and propositions are flowing between the flying wheels (if well managed and cultivated; if not it drips or doesn't flow).
  4. The support layer in which both flying wheels are supported by befitting infrastructures.
  5. The direction layer in which all other parts enabled with a befitting way: focusing upon either Enforcement or  Empowerment.

Each of the above mention parts is explained more in depth. Just follow the links.


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