Welcome in  this community of co-creating practitioners!

You are visiting a site for Knowledge Activists striving for Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning which pays off for organizations as well as members of communities of practice.

If you are a Knowledge Activist

  • and you are interested in and inspired by Knowledge Development and/or Organizational Learning…
  • and you are constantly thinking about how to create value for organizations and community members….
  • and wants to share and care a growing best practice..
  • and you are interested in a way of thinking and a model that supports you…

Than you will find here the interesting concept of the L’Earning Lemniscate, supported by a model that embodies this way of thinking.

The L’Earning Lemniscate was developed by me, with the help of a lot of co-creators. This site will give you insight in our model. Feel fee to comment and co-create. Do join me with your comments and additions. Registered contributing members of this site will be mentioned as a co-creator.

If you are living/working in the Netherlands and do want to know more about our course for Knowledge Acticvist in order to get trained in all aspects of being a Knowledge Activist, do get in contact.

Bert van der Hooft MCM
Management of Change Coöperatie

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